Nov/Dec Health Update

Starting around Nov I was beginning to have small seizure like symptoms again. I got an MRI earlier than planned. It showed that I have two new tumors. They came back so quick after my second surgery. Surgery wasn’t an option. If it was it’s not one I’d take since I’m still recovering some from surgery in late Sep.

There were a few chemo paths I could take, but due to the small likelihood of them actually helping, and also because of the extra rough side effects, I chose the supportive care route. 

I am a patient again with a hospice service and  am still going to the docs to help with seizure and pain issues. I’m not giving up, I’m living day to day to enjoy the time I have left on this planet. I’m having a wonderful time being alive with my family, friends, and super dawg buds. It feels wonderful not being scared and being around loved ones. I would love being around all these people and dogs muuucccccchhhhh longer but we all must come to terms with our last days.