Nov/Dec Health Update

Starting around Nov I was beginning to have small seizure like symptoms again. I got an MRI earlier than planned. It showed that I have two new tumors. They came back so quick after my second surgery. Surgery wasn’t an option. If it was it’s not one I’d take since I’m still recovering some from surgery in late Sep.

There were a few chemo paths I could take, but due to the small likelihood of them actually helping, and also because of the extra rough side effects, I chose the supportive care route. 

I am a patient again with a hospice service and  am still going to the docs to help with seizure and pain issues. I’m not giving up, I’m living day to day to enjoy the time I have left on this planet. I’m having a wonderful time being alive with my family, friends, and super dawg buds. It feels wonderful not being scared and being around loved ones. I would love being around all these people and dogs muuucccccchhhhh longer but we all must come to terms with our last days.


  1. Jeff Knack

    We are praying that we will have muuucccccchhhhh more time being with you and your essence. I think your outlook is healthy and one of thanksgiving. I love to find all of the positives you continually discover in each stage of your treatment. I especially like how you appreciate the caregivers and medical personnel who go out of their way to do everything they can to help you through these times. You make sure they know that they are valuable and meaningful to you. We are all learning from you. I will always love you.

  2. Mom

    These past 20 months seem like many years to me. There have been many painfull times but many more good times with you. We are getting to spend more time with you and getting to know you better , taking day trips together, trying new restaurants, playing board games, watching tv shows, playing with the doggie dogs, experiencing all your creative adventures such as pottery, oil painting, sketching together and so much more! I love being around you and Alex. Dad and I are so proud of you. You are very generous and thoughtful to others and you keep trying to be positive even on your bad days. We keep praying that our mighty God will continue to grant us much more time to be together on this earth. With all my love, mom

  3. Tami

    “I am having a wonderful time being alive” – wow! I love that Loren. You have inspired me to be able to say that each day. I am a believer in anything is possible. Being around your dogs and people you love may just be all the healing you need!
    Love you and praying and thinking positive thoughts for you!

  4. Jessi and Mama(June) Mattie too

    Where do I even begin. You have inspired me beyond words. I wish you only knew, at a time in my life that’s been scary, as if the aneursym ruptured my odds aren’t so great. But you have been a great teacher to me. To try to have a positive outlook even on my bad days, to not let the days I may have left be depressing, but each day a gift. I think if we all lived your inspiring way, we’d all be much better off, sick or healthy. I tell Mom, we are born dying, from that first breath, we just don’t get to chose how many breaths we have, so all we can do is make the most of them. I was looking at one of my baby books, and hardly a page were there wasn’t a picture of us from baby hood, to probably around kindergarten. So many memories, I so wish we could have hit “pause” when we were just about 6 months old and our parents hanging us upside down! lol Had to make me laugh. I hold on to all the good times. And I am sure you would beat us, but if you ever have a time you feel like a challenge we’d come play some games with you. We miss you and love you and would treat you no different. You are Loren, and would love to hang out with you and enjoy you enjoying being alive!!! We want you around muuuuucccchh longer as well, but we will take the time we get. You just keep inspiring us with your sweet amazing spirit. We love you so much!!
    Jessi and June and Mattie sends a purrr

  5. Jodi

    I will continue to pray for you and Alex! I’ve loved bonding over board games with my bro. Justin and I are here for you to help in any way. We love you!

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