Surgery Two Complete


Me in the surgery ready room.


So my very recent surgery to remove two new tumors was successfully completed. The tumors grew in almost the same exact place as the original one did last year. The surgeons were able to cut through my existing scar and also use my existing craniotomy location; they just unscrewed the plate and then put it back when they were finished. After waking up I was notified that the tumors have been removed and had good margins. The results of this surgery may not be as successful as the first one because I am no long able to go through radiation and chemotherapy. A body can only take so much.

Recovery from this surgery should take an average of 4-6 weeks. I’m hoping for quick pain reduction and an easier time rehabilitating my jaw muscles. The docs had to cut through my jaw muscles again, but they were atrophied as a result of the first surgery, so I might not have to struggle so much with that aspect this time around. So I might be able to eat sandwiches again soon!

I am happy to know that two more tumors are gone. I am trying to think positive, but I’ve already exhausted a lot of the treatment options available for glioblastoma. The next step is to use the Optune device I wrote about in an earlier blog post. It’s a helmet that emits an electrical field that slows tumor cell growth. I opted not to enroll in a clinical trial because of the risk of uncomfortable or painful side effects. I’m trying to make sure my quality of life is good. Since the benefits of this surgery may be limited, and since the recovery is painful and long, I may decide to skip surgery next time.

Surgery Two Scar

How my head looks after the docs cut in to my skull to grab two more tumors. Hopefully this won’t look so ugly soon ^_^



  1. Jessi and Mama(June) Mattie too

    No one can rock a surgical head cap like you my friend!!! And no one can rock a smile and a thumbs up with it on either!!! Keep up the positive outlook, you are a true inspiration to me. Get some rest and I hope they can help wiht the pain.
    Love and Positive Vibes!!! Your Way!!!:)
    Jessi and June and Mattie sends a Purr!!

    • Bernice Constantin

      Hi, this is Mr. Bernice, your dad’s good friend. I have been working on trying to find you on this fangled computer for hours, and finally, my very supportive and wonderful wife gave me the assistance that I needed to get this far. Remember, I am from the era of the typewriter – you know, click-click-click. Anyway, I was finally able to get this far (with her help). Thank you for including me in your very interesting and inovative web-site. It is great!!! What a gift you have. Course, it may be common stuff for you, but I am just w-a-a-a-a-y behind in technology. And I am perfectly happy with that. I am able to enjoy your stuff – and my stuff. Anyway, I think that your stuff is great. By-the-way, I’m from the hippie generation (you know, the 60’s and early 70’s). Now that was a time that I could tell you stories about. I shoulda died several times (OD, etc.), but by God’s grace, I was radically saved before I did. So I guess you could say I lived before I died. And thankfully, I am still alive. And besides that, I was in Nam for a year (69-70) and should have been wacked then too, but by His grace, I wasn’t. Wounded a couple of times, but not wacked. Made it back to the States and eventually ended up in California where I was very radically saved. (and by His grace, I still am). Anyway, my wife and I love your mom and dad. We are so thankful to have them as friends – and by extension you too. And with that, know that I have a real love for you and pray for you daily.

      Now to more important stuff, like YOU. I am amazed at what you are going through, and with an unbelievable attitude. I am very impressed my friend. I also love your web-site. You are a very smart and talented guy. I will continue to pray for you daily and ask God to touch your body and your spirit. Believe me, freedom in Christ is the ultimate life experience. God bless.

      P.S. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

  2. Mom

    Wow Loren. You have been through an awful lot these past 4-5 weeks. You experienced the most pain yet in this whole journey. Please don’t think I am being too motherly when I say I am proud of you. I just don’t think I could do everything you have been through. You help give me strength to keep going. Love you so much, Mom

  3. Jessi and Mama(June) Mattie too

    We love you, sorry your pain has been so bad, you are one amazing person and still an inspiration to us all.
    Much Love and Positive Thoughts,
    June, Jessi and Mattie.
    If you could, when the winds start going our way and your done with some of the board games, send them our way in case the lights go out. Rick Scott said to use this time for family to play board games and I thought of you. So why not start now. So I will wait to watch for them speed by the window “you missed”!!! Love you. Thanks for turning 35 yr old with me.

  4. Joyce knack

    Hey Loren, just wanted to send some love and good thoughts your way. Your Mom told us about this website. Loved the before surgery picture. Dave does not allow me to take pics. But he loved yours. I hope this post finds you feeling better and able to enjoy life’s moments.
    Seeing Jack Reacher… (Daves pick) not so great moment… The attorney… Good film. Hope you get the chance to check for yourself!!!
    Love to you and Alex!
    Joyce and Dave

    • Loren Knack

      Hey guys, thanks for the comment! I hope Dave is feeling better after the leg accident. I’m all down for the action movies so I would have been down with seeing Jack Reacher with Dave. I don’t even care about action movie quality ^_^…more explosions the better! Praying for Dave’s health and the stress health stuff can cause in the fam.

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