Braaaiinnn Surgery Time #2

I’ve been having a lot of pain and health issues over the last month or so. With more scans and more docs looking at my scans, they now feel like I should have surgery to remove the two spots that have appeared on my scans. They think these spots are more likely recurrent cancer than radiation necrosis.

At this point I was very hopeful to join an immunotherapy study as I felt it would be the best bet to extending my life. The one I wanted to join wouldn’t take me, and the one remaining that I could join was phase one and randomized, i.e. not guaranteed to be safe or effective, and I might not even receive the treatment if I was randomized to the “standard of care arm” of the study.

So I’m going in for a traditional resection, same as the first brain surgery I had. The spots are roughly in the same area, so they will be cutting along my scar but with a little more cut to make the necessary reach. They will have to again cut my jaw muscle which is what I’m most unhappy with because it took so long to get my jaw to open wide enough to eat properly last time. Back to sub smashing ^_^

With each surgery they always talk about the risks. This one isn’t too risky and I’m choosing not to obsess about that. What happens is what happens. If God thinks it’s my time to stay or go I’m fine with whichever.

With my recent problems which include seizure like activity I am unable to drive again and am stuck at the house and reliant on family and friends for transport. I have prepared for post surgery recovery by getting an obscene amount of board and video games to nerd out on. Looking forward to having some fun!


  1. Jeff Knack

    Thorough update.
    We were all disappointed that the study was ruled out. We agree and support your decision for surgery and we will do whatever we can to help y’all. Love you, Dad
    I think I like the game Splendor the most. Roll Through the Ages is a close second.

  2. Mom

    Again , Thanks for the update. I can’t believe how well you wrote this being in all the pain you have been in and writing while going in between stressful doctors visits. That is called writing under pressure. We were also disappointed about the NeuroBlate surgery clinical trial but we have had a whole army praying for God to be with you. I believe he directs are paths at times by shutting doors for our own benefit. He sees the unforseen for us. You have your army of friends and family by your side. Love Mom

  3. Loren Knack

    Thanks for the compliment! I usually like writing at a PC but today with all that’s going on it had to be through the phone.

  4. Matt Thompson

    Hello Loren. Thank you so much for your update. You and your family have been in my prayers. Hang on to that great attitude. I love you guys.

    Matt Thompson

  5. Justin Thompson

    What a geek closet! Oh wait…you have inspired the growth of our board game closet as well. I guess we will have to geek out together. Praying for you as you go through this tough time. We are there for you if you need us.

  6. Carson

    I had a great time visiting this past weekend. I was able to expand my board game interests, but I think this was successful because you picked up on the type of games that match my personality. I hope this surgery achieves the highest possible outcome and that you jaw heals faster than the first time around. Love you

  7. Jessi and Mama(June) Mattie too

    Dear Loren,
    I know there is much to get done, so I will try to make this short. That alone would be a miracle lol
    My whole life, if I can think of a friend who’s been there before we were even born, it’s you. From when we were just babies on the couch being silly, to the drivers class we took, to the only “grown up party” (no parents) I’ve ever been too as I knew I was safe with you there. That bonfire was awesome, by the way. Down to when I got baptized. You have always come and you have been such a grate example to me that even when faced with the unthinkable we have a choice to be positive. That doesn’t mean we don’t feel weak, or don’t break down, I read something recently “On my weakest days, that is when I am fighting the hardest.” I am kind of a realist, and so I need to work on finding peace with reality and being positive at the same time. So a big “thank you” for showing me it’s possible.
    I am so sorry for all the pain you have been in, and we all hoped you could get in the study, which was a bummer. I pray this will somehow be “easier” since you know more what to expect. We are behind you all the way, and also Alex, in whatever way we can be there for her, I am so glad you found your soulmate, and we love her.
    Not being able to drive is hard. I haven’t due to medical reasons, for years, and it can be really frustrating. We are adults, and it makes it hard when we want to be independent in some way. Looks like you took care of what your doing when you get back!!! Maybe we could come play some games with you when your up to it.
    Ok, I promised it would be short, I lied. This is not a goodbye post, just how much I love you, your like my brother that God knew I needed. 🙂 Thanks for filling those shoes. Love you very much.
    Love and Prayers,

  8. Jessi and Mama(June) Mattie too

    Dear Loren,
    I love you so much, you are so special to me. In watching you grow up, from a little baby, little boy, young man, to a man. I am so proud of you, your strength and humor in tough times.
    Our hearts and prayers are with both you and Alex. Your Mom and Dad love you so much and I know they are proud of how you have faced whatever life has thrown your way. Jodi is a very blessed young sister, and I know Justin loves you too. You have such a amazing family and we are honored to feel like in some way we are part of it. Our prayers are with everyone and the doctors as they do the surgery. Just know how much you are cherished.
    Love and Prayers,

  9. Jessi and Mama(June) Mattie too

    PS. Jessi again, what did I forget?
    Till we can get some real hugs.
    And by the way, I sure as hell am not turning 35 years old without you!!!!! 🙂 You got that!!!
    Love ya,

  10. Tami

    Is it bad that I didn’t recognize one board game in your stash?? My simple mind can only handle games like Sorry! Love you Loren and the clan down here are praying and thinking positive thoughts for you!

  11. Polly McConn

    We are praying for your surgery and also a Tuesday morning prayer group will pray for it. What time is it scheduled? Btw your blogs are very helpful for understanding what you have walked through so far and how to pray for what lies ahead. We are on your prayer support team and we’re also ready to help in practical ways if you need us. Love you lots! Polly and Everett

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