Surgery Two Complete


Me in the surgery ready room.


So my very recent surgery to remove two new tumors was successfully completed. The tumors grew in almost the same exact place as the original one did last year. The surgeons were able to cut through my existing scar and also use my existing craniotomy location; they just unscrewed the plate and then put it back when they were finished. After waking up I was notified that the tumors have been removed and had good margins. The results of this surgery may not be as successful as the first one because I am no long able to go through radiation and chemotherapy. A body can only take so much.

Recovery from this surgery should take an average of 4-6 weeks. I’m hoping for quick pain reduction and an easier time rehabilitating my jaw muscles. The docs had to cut through my jaw muscles again, but they were atrophied as a result of the first surgery, so I might not have to struggle so much with that aspect this time around. So I might be able to eat sandwiches again soon!

I am happy to know that two more tumors are gone. I am trying to think positive, but I’ve already exhausted a lot of the treatment options available for glioblastoma. The next step is to use the Optune device I wrote about in an earlier blog post. It’s a helmet that emits an electrical field that slows tumor cell growth. I opted not to enroll in a clinical trial because of the risk of uncomfortable or painful side effects. I’m trying to make sure my quality of life is good. Since the benefits of this surgery may be limited, and since the recovery is painful and long, I may decide to skip surgery next time.

Surgery Two Scar

How my head looks after the docs cut in to my skull to grab two more tumors. Hopefully this won’t look so ugly soon ^_^


My Album Release: Grade 4

So I’ve worked on some tracks and I’ve finally decided that the album will max at a total of three. I currently have it accessible on Bandcamp, but am looking to find a record label that may be interested in distribution. Here is the album cover and here’s where you can check it out. Keep in mind this is experimental for my friends and family that aren’t used to such.


Braaaiinnn Surgery Time #2

I’ve been having a lot of pain and health issues over the last month or so. With more scans and more docs looking at my scans, they now feel like I should have surgery to remove the two spots that have appeared on my scans. They think these spots are more likely recurrent cancer than radiation necrosis.

At this point I was very hopeful to join an immunotherapy study as I felt it would be the best bet to extending my life. The one I wanted to join wouldn’t take me, and the one remaining that I could join was phase one and randomized, i.e. not guaranteed to be safe or effective, and I might not even receive the treatment if I was randomized to the “standard of care arm” of the study.

So I’m going in for a traditional resection, same as the first brain surgery I had. The spots are roughly in the same area, so they will be cutting along my scar but with a little more cut to make the necessary reach. They will have to again cut my jaw muscle which is what I’m most unhappy with because it took so long to get my jaw to open wide enough to eat properly last time. Back to sub smashing ^_^

With each surgery they always talk about the risks. This one isn’t too risky and I’m choosing not to obsess about that. What happens is what happens. If God thinks it’s my time to stay or go I’m fine with whichever.

With my recent problems which include seizure like activity I am unable to drive again and am stuck at the house and reliant on family and friends for transport. I have prepared for post surgery recovery by getting an obscene amount of board and video games to nerd out on. Looking forward to having some fun!