A Year Searching For a Dog Part 2 – Introducing Agent Cooper

I picked up this small, cute, black terrier mutt that at the time I was calling Toto, since that’s the closest dog he looked like. His first night at the house was filled with energy and a lot of humping. Our dog Wicket was humping him waaaayyyy too much — I guess trying to show who was the king of the household. Then Toto kept trying to hump my arm. That night Toto was still somewhat of a man, as the next morning he was scheduled to be neutered at animal services.

Scruffy pound mutt looking at the pound from the outside.

Scruffy pound mutt looking at the pound from the outside.


That next morning I drove him back and he had to stay there for the day getting his surgery. I picked him up later that day after recovery and he was acting like nothing had happened. Later that night I did notice that I wasn’t getting humped…

This little fella and our dogs instantly got along with each other. Even Belmont, our old anti-social lady, was tolerating him. The other foster dogs and our dogs never got along like this, so we were super happy. He was also interested in hanging out with us and being close and snuggly, which for me is the main thing I am looking for in a dog now.

The next day, we were lounging on the couch and I started to notice that his head was spasming to the left and right. He didn’t have any control over this, and after each spasm he’d move to another position to try and get comfortable. I put a call into animal services to report this to see if I could get their vets to look into this. They were slammed, so I wasn’t getting a call back. Our vet said they’d see him even though I was just fostering him. I showed them a video of his spams and they couldn’t pinpoint it directly. They said that it was most likely something related to seizures. They told me to monitor his limbs, jaw, etc. for shaking to see if he has a seizure in the future.

I brought him home and within twenty minutes I noticed his bottom draw opening and closing rapidly. He also began peeing. I got him back in the car and back to the vet. They did some initial blood work and gave me seizure meds as well as emergency meds for bad attacks.

Waiting for the blood results :(

Waiting for the blood results 🙁


During the course of all this, we made up our minds to adopt this little guy. There was no way in hell I wasn’t adopting a dog that was sweet, friendly, cuddly, and suffering from something I’ve experienced. I wanted a seizure dog, and in a funny way, I got one. He just doesn’t detect them ;). Now he and I need a seizure dog! I felt that if he went back to animal services someone wouldn’t adopt him due to his condition. He didn’t need to run the risk of being put down, he needed care. So we went to animal services this very morning and adopted him, and gave him his official name, which we’d been thinking about over the past few days — Agent Cooper, or Cooper/Coop for short.

Cooper resting from all this transitional stress after getting adopted.

Cooper resting from all this transitional stress after getting adopted.


One last note, if you don’t know who Agent Cooper is from Twin Peaks, you are missing out on knowing one swell coffee-and-pie-loving guy. See a snippet of Coop in action with his positive attitude. That’s why our little guy is named after him.


  1. Sandra

    Wishing you lots of unhumped snuggles and relaxation with Agent Cooper (who looks like a bigger than life character)…Might be a match made in heaven!

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