The Speed at Which We Get Test Results / June-July Health Update

Last week I had another one of my two month scans, and it came back looking as normal as the last one ^_^. July is also the last month of my 12 month chemo cycle, which I plan on doing a post about soon.

One medical planning challenge that Alex pushed to overcome was that the office who reads my scans started wanting scans done a week prior to us being able to hear about the results. It was punishment enough having to wait a day to hear about the results, so this just seemed outright mean to me. In my opinion high risk or terminal patients should be able to receive their test results within the same day. However there was another way of looking at it that my doctor explained which I respect as well.

In the case of my docs office their team gets together one day a week and reviews each other’s patient’s tough scans and come up with their strategies, that way when a patient comes in getting stressful news the doctors have some ideas lined up on how to attack things. If they don’t have that time to review the scans with the rest of their team in advance, the patient can be left waiting around a week not knowing what could be done to help them which in turn would cause them stress.

So you can get stressed waiting to see if the scan is bad, or you can get a bad scan and be stressed waiting to see what the treatment may be. The choice on how to be notified should come down to what the patient wants in my opinion. It should not default to one.

Our doc was accommodating for us and will give us test results same day now. I personally can handle knowing I have a growing tumor in my head for a week while everyone (docs & family) start to strategize . I’d want that extra time to think things through personally.

So anyways, good scans always bring good moods around these parts. Here’s a video my friend Andrew introduced to me, with music from an artist I’m a fan of. I can’t dance worth anything but this makes me want to.

Major Lazer – Light it Up (feat: Nyla & Fuse ODG)


  1. Sandra


    They don’t call it scanxiety for nothing. I feel you brother. Facing fact is very doable. Facing the unknown can make one very nuts-in-the-head. (Just had an image likening Peanut the rocket-dog…to mind waiting). Kudos to you guys for communicating with the doc and kudos to the doc for responding. Lots of compassion.

  2. Mom

    Hey Loren,
    I’m glad you explained the doctor’s reasoning for the MRI delay. It makes a little more sense. I wish I could have seen your head bopping body moving dance. It would have given me a big smile. It makes me happy to see your funny side. I thought that video was very creative but a couple of scenes were a little disturbing for me. Hope you have an easier second week post chemo this month. Also hope you can enjoy some boat fishing this coming week. We enjoyed seeing you and Alex and visiting Cedar Key. Love always, Mom

  3. Jessi and Mama(June) Mattie too

    I totally agree. It is like “Are you trying to torture me or what?” I’ve been trying to get a CT since March, and when I went in and ended up with another doctor as Feezor was away on a emergency. This doctor asked me why I hadn’t been in for CT Scan, and I explained why, and he said it is totally medically necessary, if the aneurysm grew I’d be looking at a bypass. I got the call I missed Saturday saying they were calling to set up my CT. I used to it done and get the results same day. But I’m not sure if the whole team will want a look since I’m 1% of the population, Add the aneurysm, plus my GI issues, And they are scared what is causing the symptoms,
    It;s like your going through enough, then to have to wait and wait. If it was them or their family they’d be having a fit to get the answers.
    Fellow waiter! I guess it’s one step at a time,
    Love ya,

    • Loren Knack

      Have you tried the ER room approach, where you try and get the hospital to treat your health emergency like the emergency it is? I know that sometimes even that won’t result in what is desired as a patient. I’m sorry to hear that you’re also having to deal with scan wait!

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