Music from June 2016

Hey everyone, here’s my selections from June. The genres in this mix are: alternative, americana, bedroom pop, electronic, hardcore, new wave, pop, and punk. With the Orlando shooting there were a few musicians in this mix that donated their music so the proceeds went to support the folks down in Orlando. If you enjoyed their stuff give them some support: JANK, Hesitation WoundsModern Baseball, and Half Waif.

  1. JANK – Alligator
  2. Hesitation Wounds – Hands Up
  3. Modern Baseball – Just Another Face
  4. Citizen – Ring of Chain
  5. IZE – On Lex, Near You
  6. Half Waif – Overthrown
  7. Richard Ashcroft – Leave Me High
  8. The Handsome Family – Far From Any Road (for True Detective Fans)
  9. Nice Legs – End
  10. Govier – Life is Flashing Before Your Eyes

Download the tunes

Some music videos from the mix

The Handsome Family – Far From Any Road (Unofficial but nice video)

Nice Legs – End


  1. Sandra

    Love the music! One reason I appreciate your picks is that I have always been a music moocher. To me, music comes from a mysterious spring that I can never seem to locate. And so, I drink from your cup (moocher). My brother, Mike, gave me my first taste when I was a teeny-bopper. I can picture it now, the day when he purchased and installed in our living room, a very snazzy hi-fi cabinet stereo. Great big earphones, skinny little me stretched out flat on my back, and The Allman Brothers– Eat A Peach or Traffic over and over. …until that is someone, anyone, played a new song for me and I would listen to that song over and over. It never occurred to me to become a music seeker (as opposed to a one-song-at-a time-moocher). Can you imagine how outright giddy your playlists make me?!

    Mainly I love listening to your creative picks because they allow me to know you more fully. I listen intently to hear you through the music and lyrics.

    • Loren Knack

      Thanks for your comment on the music! Music is a big thing for me and I love putting together mixes for friends and family. Hearing back about a mix is like the best thing ^_^. I’m sure your brother enjoyed seeing you enjoying his music. Music is always funner when you know someone else is enjoying it with you.

  2. Sandra

    OMGosh! Just realized that I met you through music, Christmas cookies, and Alex. A very romantic L&A story. Knew you were coming for her big time. (me…mooching again LOL) 🎶🍪🎄😍

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