Song: Daniel Romano – Knowing that You’re Mine

Only video of this track I could find was a live one. This is my favorite off of Daniel Romano’s 2011 album “Sleep Beneath the Willow” (Genre – Country, Canadian style). I’d like more country music if it sounded like old country music. This will be on this month’s mix and of course is dedicated to my lovely wife.

Live Version:

Just the song:

January Health Update

So the scan this month came back still showing the same spot but with no growth. So the odds that it’s just radiation necrosis is higher (I know it still sounds like a bad thing but it’s better than a growing tumor). We were happy with this news, but the doc is still going to get me another MRI in a couple weeks to still see if it’s stagnant. Fingers crossed.

Regarding some of the treatment I mentioned in an earlier post, a wrench was thrown into some of what I was expecting 1) I was not approved for the UF GBM research study…I didn’t have the right protein in my blood 2) The doc suggested I hold off on using the Optune device for now since there wasn’t apparent growth. The logic the doc had was that the more I throw at GBM the less likely I’ll be approved for future studies. He feels that if the chemo is working (verified by no growth) then I might just be burning bridges using anything more at the moment. Basically he wants to have as many doors open for me as possible once the cancer begins growing again. It’s difficult because part of me wants to throw everything at preventing growth, but the strategic part of me thinks what the doc suggested is a good idea. It’s even more difficult for me because family can understandably feel different about these decisions.

The chemo round this month went backwards to how it used to feel when I was first starting on it. Hey, at least I lost some weight ^_^ — but just celebrated now feeling better by a big meal at Beque Holic last night.