Music from December 2015

Heeeeyyyy, here’s some tunes from December. This mix has a variety of genres (punk, pop, synthwave, folk, shoegaze, new wave, etc). Maybe a track or two will stand out for you. Hope you have a nice holiday season!!!

  1. Anti-Flag – Coward In My Veins
  2. Grimes – Belly of the Beat
  3. Forêt de Vin – Lifeline
  4. Le Matos – Wasteland (From the movie Turbo Kid)
  5. Cigarettes After Sex – Keep on Loving You (REO Speedwagon cover)
  6. Joan Shelley – Stay On My Shore
  7. Tiny Fireflies – Brightest Star
  8. Kosmischer Läufer – Der Traum des Jungen
  9. Levin Goes Lightly – Speedways
  10. Sean Nicholas Savage – Propaganda
  11. Cellars – A Little Bit Less

Download the tunes

Videos for a couple of the songs, both of which are pretty trippy.


  1. justin

    not sure if you are still minecrafting but wondered if you had tried storymode and what you thought?

    Hope spirits are high and you are kicking ass etc.

    • Loren Knack

      I’ve not been playing Minecraft much recently. My dad did get a PS4 so he could play with me, but I think he needs to learn that he has to turn the thing on before we can do that ^_^. Alex has been playing story mode and has been enjoying it. She loves herself some TellTale games. I might end up playing it. It has a couple of my favorite standup comedians doing voice work, and hey it’s minecraft themed.

      Hope things are going well for you and your family.

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