Finalllllyyyy my big, stressful, needed, & conducted MRI

First, I’d like to apologize for my bad and often delayed communications. If I’ve not responded to any email, returned a call or text, it usually means I’m sleeping too much and it’s nothing personal.

I could not wait to get this past week over with. On Wednesday I finally got my first MRI since I was initially brought into the ER back in May. Had things been done properly, I would have had an MRI months earlier, so thanks, UF Health, for those extra months of stress caused by not knowing if the cancer had sprung back yet. With my new doc I’ll be going in the tube for a brain scan every two months now so we can see if they need to get back into my skull to extract any unwanted creatures. So new doc = yeah! while UF Health = screw you.

So on Wednesday I was able to get my scan, which took around 45 min in the tube listening to 80’s Pandora. Safe way to always get “Take on Me.” I wish you could sing while getting your head scanned. After that was finished, we had to wait about two hours for the scans to be processed and sent to the doc. Since I was on Xanax (needles and I don’t have a good relationship), I just remember waiting and taking this picture for blog documentation.

Waiting for appointment with test results.

Waiting for appointment with test results.

Once we were called back I was happy to find that I lost some weight. The doc and nurse were fairly quick to come in, and we went over how chemo round 3 went. I told them that for 3 weeks out of the month I was nauseous. Round 3 was bad enough to make me start weighing quality of life vs. the benefits of the chemo. It turns out I can take more of my anti-nausea meds than my last doc said I could. Hopefully round 4, which starts this week, won’t be as bad. The heightened chemo also affected my taste buds. One benefit was that I finally stopped drinking soda, but the drawback was that even water tasted bad to me.

At the end of the appointment, he pulled up the scans, which didn’t show any new tumor growth. Heeeeyyyyyyy great news ^_^. I know these scans will not always bear good news, but I’ll sure enjoy the ones that are like this. I appreciate the support, prayers, positive love beams, and everything else you all have provided. To fit my mood and the month of October, please enjoy “Over At The Frankenstein Place.”


  1. Jen Edwards Enomoto

    Hey Loren,

    I have been following your site since all this started and didn’t really know if I should contact you or not, if it hadn’t been too long since we last spoke to reconnect. But then when you hadn’t posted for so long I got worried and when I saw your recent post I was so happy and it just made me day to hear your scans were good. I’ve been sending you positive thoughts and praying for you everyday. I miss your family and I hope they are doing great. I used to run into your parents everywhere. Anyway, I’ll keep checking here everyday and your positivity is just inspiring!

    • Loren Knack

      Hey Jen, sorry for my late response. Thanks for sending positive thoughts my way! I hope you guys have been doing great!

  2. Melanie Brewster

    Hell yeah! Awesome news, Loren!! Also, just saw those pics of the doggies learning to surf. So cute. I put my dog in a laundry cart once, but he was having none of it; yours are much braver.

  3. Jessi and Mama(June) Mattie too

    I think we got the wonderful news before you had really woken up, not sure you believed it at first. We were soooo thankful. I think I left a message on your phone, never feel you gotta call me back, I just wanted you to know how proud we were of you as it isn’t easy going through all you have. And you’ve been a good example for me to be as positive as I can. Many times I break down, but you have made me stronger, seeing how you handle all of this. I know you have your times too, but thanks for helping me be more positive. I am still learning. Anyhow, keep up the good work, I know you still have the chemo, and a long road, but by your tests, you are whooping cancer’s ass!!!! GO LOREN!!!! And ALL those who have been there by his side, Alex, and of course Family, Friends. Keep inspiring us.
    Love and Prayers,
    Always and Forever,
    Jessi, Mama and Mattie
    PS. BIG THANK YOU, for coming to my Birthday party, haven’t had that much fun in forever, I tried to relax and enjoy the moments, knowing your scan was ahead, so the fact you got good news was icing on the cake!!!!! Thank you for the gifts, you shouldn’t’ have, mostly thanks for coming, I know sometimes that takes so much energy, and it meant so much to me to have you and Alex there.

    • Loren Knack

      Sorry guys for my late as usual response! Thanks for your supportive message, and no thanks needed for us coming to your bday celebration! Thanks for having us at your party! Hope you both are doing well and getting back to watching good scary movies 🙂

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