Finalllllyyyy my big, stressful, needed, & conducted MRI

First, I’d like to apologize for my bad and often delayed communications. If I’ve not responded to any email, returned a call or text, it usually means I’m sleeping too much and it’s nothing personal.

I could not wait to get this past week over with. On Wednesday I finally got my first MRI since I was initially brought into the ER back in May. Had things been done properly, I would have had an MRI months earlier, so thanks, UF Health, for those extra months of stress caused by not knowing if the cancer had sprung back yet. With my new doc I’ll be going in the tube for a brain scan every two months now so we can see if they need to get back into my skull to extract any unwanted creatures. So new doc = yeah! while UF Health = screw you.

So on Wednesday I was able to get my scan, which took around 45 min in the tube listening to 80’s Pandora. Safe way to always get “Take on Me.” I wish you could sing while getting your head scanned. After that was finished, we had to wait about two hours for the scans to be processed and sent to the doc. Since I was on Xanax (needles and I don’t have a good relationship), I just remember waiting and taking this picture for blog documentation.

Waiting for appointment with test results.

Waiting for appointment with test results.

Once we were called back I was happy to find that I lost some weight. The doc and nurse were fairly quick to come in, and we went over how chemo round 3 went. I told them that for 3 weeks out of the month I was nauseous. Round 3 was bad enough to make me start weighing quality of life vs. the benefits of the chemo. It turns out I can take more of my anti-nausea meds than my last doc said I could. Hopefully round 4, which starts this week, won’t be as bad. The heightened chemo also affected my taste buds. One benefit was that I finally stopped drinking soda, but the drawback was that even water tasted bad to me.

At the end of the appointment, he pulled up the scans, which didn’t show any new tumor growth. Heeeeyyyyyyy great news ^_^. I know these scans will not always bear good news, but I’ll sure enjoy the ones that are like this. I appreciate the support, prayers, positive love beams, and everything else you all have provided. To fit my mood and the month of October, please enjoy “Over At The Frankenstein Place.”