Thoughts on hair from cancer treatment

After the chemo & radiation ended, I shaved away my mohawk since its primary purpose was to give the finger to the radiation machine it no longer had to see. It takes a lot longer than I expected to have your hair grow back, though. I’m still largely bald where the radiation was hitting and have lost a little more hair since the end of treatment. I’ve tried a ton of different bandannas with different folds, staying bald, or just letting my hair grow naturally, but it seems no matter which way I go, I catch people rubber necking. At first I was like “I don’t care,” but now I feel like saying “@$%^&* $#$% @^#*%!” Here’s how some of the options play out if you’ve got some weird-ass hair.

  • Bandannas (“cancer fold”) – With certain folds you look more like a cancer patient. The looks you get are more out of pity.
  • Bandannas (“thug fold”) – A good portion of folds will pretty much have most elderly people look at you with angry and disproving eyes…that is actually pretty funny but it happens to be such an annoying look.
  • Bandannas (“Biker fold”) – If you return a look while having a biker style bandanna + fold, the other person at least quickly gets their eyes straight.
  • Shaved head – This is probably the safest look to have. Maybe some person or another will think you’re a skinhead but at least for me I wasn’t catching eyes that much.
  • Natural – Well there you go, since you have all these weird spots, people tend to look at you longer as if your head is a Pollock piece, or maybe out of concern that you have cooties.
  • Modded Natural – Let your hair grow out naturally, but cut and shave parts to make your hair your own again. It’ll probably draw attention, but cause let’s face it, it may look a little crazy.
  • Hats – Cowboy hat maybe? I dislike hats. Never understood why it’s disrespectful to wear them indoors or when singing to your country of preference. Too complicated.
  • Wigs – I just may get some 80s hair metal wigs eventually.

After trying most these I’m going with a modded natural cut. I basically have played connect the dots between my bald regions. At first I used straight lines to connect them but I was looking at it and thinking, “hmm if I saw that out in public I’d walk in the opposite direction as that person seems to have a baaaaad symbol from WW2 on their head.” So I got things curved out.


Hey Alex, just a reminder of 80s hair metal and a request I put in for you:


  1. Mom

    I like your dry sense of humor. I have seen quite a few of these styles on you and you look good with them all. Nothing can change those kind eyes and smile. I do like the curved look better than the straight line. This would make a great comic strip like you and Alex use to do together. I love the pic that you posted. Love Mom

  2. Jessi and Mama(June) Mattie too

    Hey, YOU ROCK IT!!! Mom and I were talking and you should call it “The Wave”, if you want. The way it is growing you could start a fad!!! Love your outlook, lol, you make the most of hard situations. I am known for carrying my bucket, not those stupid blue things they think you can throw up in, nope, I need a bucket, and boy does that clear a elevator. LOL
    We agree with your Mom, nothing can change your kind eyes and smile. Although in this picture you look like you did when you were five years old and up to no good! WE LOVE LOREN, WE LOVE LOREN!!!
    Love to You and Alex,
    June and Jessi and Mattie
    PS. Hope Belmont came through everything ok.

    • Loren Knack

      Thanks for sending me the article. It’s interesting to see how other people adjust after having to deal with something like that.

      BTW I’m seeing a counselor at UF whose working on her PhD, which has been very helpful. Made me think of you.

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