The Beach, Belmont’s Surgery, the Job, and New Chemo

Wow, that’s a long title for this. That’s what I get for not posting recently. 1st and most importantly is a track to listen to while you’re reading (some summer synthwave). Not that it has anything to do with anything I’m writing.

The Beach

Last week we were able to finally push aside the things that were keeping us from getting out of town for a bit. We went on a family beach vacation down to New Smyrna. The condo that we stayed in was dog friendly, which meant the whole family was able to come along ^_^.  The only problem we had is that Volusia county doesn’t allow dogs on the beaches. You have to find a state park that allows dogs on the beach, which for us was New Smyrna Dunes. Seeing the dogs play in the water was my favorite part of vacation. Belmont got better at balancing on a boogie board. On our attempts to let her catch small waves, she was wagging. Wicket finally braved up and did some swimming around…I think he was trying to impress the other dogs on the beach.


Belmont learning how to balance so she can ride some waves next time.

Belmont learning how to balance so she can ride some waves next time.


Wicket swimming out to Alex. Much braver than his first time at the beach last year where he wouldn't swim at all.

Wicket swimming out to Alex. Much braver than his first time at the beach last year where he wouldn’t swim at all.


Belmont’s Surgery

Not too long ago, Alex noticed that Belmont had a lump on her side, and we recently had the vet look at her. It is a mast cell tumor and isn’t really anything to worry about too greatly. A few years ago she had one on her noggin, which we had surgically removed (the tumor, not her noggin). Her little mohawk remained intact. Tomorrow she goes in for surgery for this one. The doc already did blood work on her, gave her a good inspection, and said she was healthy enough for the anesthesia and surgery. I’m more nervous about the anesthesia than the surgery.

The Job

Since all this started with my health I have felt very strange about work. As soon as I got out of the hospital I was thinking about how I was slowing down things at work and how that was affecting my colleagues. I only stopped worrying  after family members told me that I needed to focus on working through my health issues. I followed their advice but have continued to have a sense of guilt about leaving the people at work, many of whom came to feel like family. I was never quite sure how things were going to pan out for me, and I wasn’t sure who at work expected me to come back and who expected me not to. It all felt very strange, especially when I was on pain killers. It was nice that the company held my position open to me, but my health issues (and frankly the amount of time I may have left) led us to decide I shouldn’t return to work. I’m hoping they find a great new employee that will help them out, and wish all my friends at work the best.

New Chemo

So I finished my radiation and chemo about a month ago. It took a couple of weeks to recover from the wave of symptoms that hits patients after their treatment stops. I met with my medical oncologist this week to go over my blood work and to talk about the next, and ongoing, course of treatment, which is monthly chemo. For five days a month I’ll be doing double dosage, and I just started this new wave last night. My biggest concern is that the monthly chemo will have a similar wave effect and cause me to feel bad for an additional week, or two, or three. The bottom line is that I hate this chemo shit but I’d absolutely love it to work and slow down the advance of the cancer.


  1. Jessi and Mama(June) Mattie too

    Hey There Loren,
    So glad you got some much needed time away from the constant medical scene. It can be hard to truly “get away” when your not feeling good but sounds like you made the best of it. You rock!!! :). I am glad you got to visit with family and have time with them. Precious time even if your healthy, as we just never know, so hold those near and dear.
    Some awesome doggie’s you have there. They can surf better than me, lol, I wouldn’t stand a chance!!!! That must have been so much fun to watch. Will be thinking of Belmont as he has his surgery. Dr. Sammy had to biospy a lump on Mattie. She has another one and hope it too is ok, it’s hard as they are so much our “kids”. I know he will be in good hands, but You and Alex nervous till all is said and done.
    I know it is weird to not work after working your whole life one way or another. But think your right to focus on you and time will tell how you react to the new chemo, till then I am sure your work mates just want you to do what your body and heart are telling you to do. When I had to stop college I felt I was letting everyone down. But it ended up for the best, it was kind of them to keep my scholarship should I ever be able to return.
    Just know we love you and will keep you close in our thoughts as Belmont has surgery and your new chemo. You are truly one of my heros.
    ((((((((((((((((Sending Positive Thoughts)))))))
    Hang in there! Love you both!
    Jessi, Mama, and Mattie sends a “meow”
    PS. Hope this post was shorter!!!

  2. jenna

    the surfing dog xoxoxox it!!! that is awesome. Glad you got to get out and enjoy the relaxing beach and family.

    Thanks for my books that is so sweet and thoughtful. Miss you but want the best overcomes for you, so don’t ever worry about us here! you made a lasting impact and that I will truly miss.

  3. Mom

    What a great time at the beach with all the family close by! I enjoyed seeing the dogs in the water and I didn’t even have to walk the hard , long, hot , arduous walk that wiped everybody out for the rest of the day. Seeing you and Alex playing in the surf, seeing the dogs, family breakfasts together every morning and game night were all fond memeories for me. Love you lots.

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