Chemo and Radiation are now complete

Don’t know why I find this song fitting for this post but I do. Hope you guys can enjoy the random tunes that are showing up on the blog.

I had been looking forward to being through with all the chemo and radiation and am glad it’s all complete now. However I’ll miss the great radiation techs that I’ve seen the last M-F’s for the last six weeks. They were so fast and efficient at their jobs due to how many patients they have to treat, but that didn’t keep them from being such kind and supportive folks. I’ll miss seeing them, but I’m glad to be done.

Having sat in the waiting room all those days for radiation, I met a few people who seemed outwardly positive about their treatment, but most needing treatment were old, had a hard time moving, and a lot seemed to a hard time even talking…it was just super rough for them. One of my favorite patients who I would see sometimes before or after my appointment was an elderly man who couldn’t talk but would do a hand motion over his head showing that he really liked my mohawk as he walked past me. I always felt better after seeing him. He did that hand motion everytime I saw him. The last time I saw him we both gave each other a firm hand shake and a pat on the back.


The M-F procedure – pills, then zap zap. Sa-Su just the pills.


In the Davis Center they made a bell out of a scuba tank, which each patient who finished up treatment goes out and bangs. The sonic quality of it isn’t something that would put you to sleep at night, but it’s loud enough that everyone in the waiting room of the first floor can hear it. Some days when you hear a bang people give an applause. There was one day were there was so much banging and applause, I swore it must have been a small kid having a great time getting rid of energy and being praised for it.


The thing got hammered per the tech’s request


So after hitting the bell we headed home. Originally we were thinking about a trip to Costa Rica soon after all this ended, but the feelings of sickness got us to change our minds. We’ve still got some travel plans but I need to glide through the post chemo/radiation sickness first.



    • Loren

      Thanks again for a doggie photo link. My favorite one was the one where it looked like the guy was helping the dog pee at a urinal.

  1. Jessi

    No one rocks the Mohawk quite like you! And so good to ring that bell! But there is a sense of security when you see the tech’s each day, and then suddenly that part is over for now. But I bet you can go visit them, Despite what you were going through you stopped and enriched other’s lives, such as the patient who motioned about your Mohawk, many would not have given him the time a day, but you did and I am sure your postive attitude reflected on him as his did on you. What a gift you were to him, and a bond you shared going through treatment. Maybe now isn’t a good time, till the effects of the chemo and all ease, but make Costa Rica a goal. Hoping and praying things get a little better each day. So good to hear your voice. You are one tough guy, and someone I admire. Hang in there!
    Love to You, and Alex,
    and the rest of the Family,
    Always and Forever,

  2. Melanie

    Hell yes! That bell ritual is so neat.

    I’m a little late to this game, but have you been listening to FKA twigs at all? I feel like normally I hear about good music from you, so I figured I might as well make an attempt at passing some your way…

  3. Jessi

    I meant to add, GO LOREN!!!! You earned ringing that bell!!!! I know now that it is complete it ls like “Now what?” But I hope now, when the sickness from the chemo eases, you can have some time to live life with your amazing and true soul mate Alex, and famliy and friends. Just like I have been since we were in our Mom’s belly’s, know I’m in your corner, and of course Mom is too. Your like a son to her. You and Alex have taught us all so much about the power of love, as well as your loved ones, keep up the hope and keep in touch, get some rest and follow your heart, your dreams. I am so thankful to have grown up with you and don’t plan to stop now!!!! I’d say maybe one day pictionary, when your up to it, Alex would win and beat us all!!! But what fun we’d have. Just a thought. Love you and keep the awesome soul you have!!
    To my friend before time! 🙂

    • Loren Knack

      Yeah, I’ve been hoping for some nice time after all the docs visits, but the docs seem to always find ways of filling up your schedule with more and more appointments.

      It’s been to the point where going to appointments is more tiring, stressful, and time consuming that a 8-5 job. I figured if you were ill you’d have conditions that would promote healing.

      I’m starting to be a little more “Is that really necessary”, or “How long with all this actually take” with the docs.

      • Jessi

        Yeah, doc’s have a way of doing that!!!! You plan to do this or that, and then you have another appointment and you are wiped out for the count. It’s like call me next week and we’ll make some plans, “Oh crap, another appointment!” And then you have a call “This is Shands calling………… to remind you of your appointment……… and time, and please bring ALL your medications with you(any suitcases empty)………….and if you are new to our clinic(OLD)……….please arrive early. This is Shands, calling to remind ………….. and on and on they go. All those with memory problems, like me, it goes on and on, three times, and you can’t even hang it up, if you hang it up, it just keeps going or even worse will call you back. Mom was helping me fill out the random paperwork that you fill out over and over, like “REALLY, BY NOW DON’T WE HAVE THIS PART COVERED!” But it said “Occupation” and at a loss, depressingly put “patient”. But so true.
        There is one clinic, the pain clinic, which every month the same old thing, “Put a X over what hurts the most, shade in the other parts”, so I now out of frustration shade in the whole thing and then put an X over the whole thing, NO way they can misunderstand that.
        I do hope you have some better days where you can do what you can with what energy you have. You are so loved. Mom sends her love, as do I and of course Mattie sends a Meow! It’s almost 3am, your site puts odd times. Just so ya know. lol (((((((((((HANG IN THERE))))))))))))
        Love you so much,
        Jessi, Mom, Mattie

  4. Mom

    I am sitting in bed next to your Dad as I am reading your new post at 1:30 in the morning. I was thinking about playing your new songs but didnt think Dad would appreciate it. I enjoy reading your postings. Im glad treatments are over also and hoping you will feel better in couple of weeks to make your Costa Rico trip. Love you so much. Mom

    • Loren Knack

      No one can like all the music in the world ^_^. Hope there are a track or two in July’s upcoming mix that you’ll enjoy.

  5. Robin Hull-Kress

    I think the bell hammering is awesome and the strength everyone shares is super! I found an awesome place right on the ocean that we stayed at and I loved every minute there. If you and Alex are interested let me know. The price was reasonable and the service and quality was superb!!

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