Godzilla Family Support Party

Alex connected with family to have everyone come out to our place to watch the latest Godzilla flick in support of this fight again brain cancer (why Godzilla?). A lot of work was put into getting the party arranged, which made it easy for me to socialize and see everyone without having to worry about setup. I felt much love and support in both the setup of the party and the party itself. The party started off with some great food and MarioKart, and then quickly went over to watching Godzilla. Everyone at the party brought a large dose of positivity, which still has me feeling great.

Godzilla plots his path through the party cake my parents hand constructed.


Alex and I happy observing Godzilla’s destructive power on cake.


Sandra and York who helped Alex out a lot to put together the party.



  1. Mom

    Really like your posting. Great pictures!! Really good pic of you and Alex. You look as handsome as ever with your bright smile. So glad you had a good time. We really enjoyed it also. I like your take on the cake.

  2. Jessi

    I’m so glad you got to have such a cool party, and your outloook has given me more of a reason to “fight”. You are such a inspiration, and we love you very much, Mom and I want to be by your side any way we can. If it is ok with you. You are truly the longest friend I have had on this earth, since we were in our Mama’s belly’s. Before this cancer Alex and you both were so busy with work, and life, and we felt any time you did have was devoted to one another and your family, just as it should be. But in life, you have been my family, Mom loves you like a Son, Alex like a Daughter. We could not be more amazed by you both and the unconditional love for one another no matter what life throws your way. Alex is amazing, and throwing you this party was so sweet. I talked to her
    a few days before, I know it is hard to have too much company at a time, and am just happy you got to enjoy it with those you love. Just remember we love you more than you’ll ever know, and I want to keep my friend before time, Loren, in my life till either of us are no longer here, cancer or no cancer. You mean so much, and while not fighting cancer, you have become a great sense of strength and inspiration to me on many levels. Just please keep in touch when your up to it. We love you dearly. Talk soon I hope.
    Love Always and Forever,

  3. Jessi

    To Kim and Jeff,
    That cake, only you two could pull off something that amazing. You could go on one of these cake shows and you’d blow everyone away with your talent!!!! If you aren’t proffesionals who is???? Such a very sweet thing to do. You guys are the best, Loren is so very blessed.
    Love and Prayers,
    Jessi and June and Mattie

  4. Jessi

    To Sandra and York,
    Sorry we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you two, but have heard great things through Kim, Jeff, Alex, and Loren. You have a very special Daughter, which I’m sure you already know. So nice of you to help with organizing the party. I am sure if lifted everyone’s spirits.
    Take care,
    Much Love,
    Jessi and June

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