Mohawk V2

First some appropriate music to accompany this post. Some uplifting shoegazin’ metal.

Well I started losing some hair in my Mohawk, so I had to make some style modifications. I now have a bar towards the back of my head and a gap in the front. I’m being stubborn about this hair cut. I’ve noticed that I’m losing more and more hair as the days go by recently, but I’m going to keep as much of this going as possible until the last hair falls out. Theeennnn the fake hair may or may not be deployed. ^_^

It would look cool to have two pong paddles on either side of my head and have the ball go through that gap. I might do that one day this week for the techs to see.

It looks like I have a docking station for a space craft on the front of my head now ^_^


I started using a lint roller to keep track of how much hair I was losing at any given time. I compare the sheets each day to check on the rate of lose. I like doing this activity in front of Alex since it looks so silly.


  1. Mom

    I’m befuddled. What emotion would be appropriate for me to have seeing your new haircut? I like reading your posts. So cute doing the lint roller.

  2. Jessi

    You once again are the same old Loren, so very creative, and witty. Only you’d think of all these cool ways to lose your hair.
    When I was 16yr old, I was a volunteer in the Art’s In Medicine and worked most of the time on the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, and one of the nurses there said so many were finding it hard to lose their hair, what if we made our own Barbar Shop and had the old fashioned sign, red and white pole, so as to make it not so depressing, and we gave several Mohawk’s but non quite as creative as all the variations of yours!!!! I believe we did one rainbow once. The nurse retired and the Art’s in Medicine has somewhat fallen apart, they survived on grants, they keep wanting me to come back but it requires lots of energy, and just don’t have it anymore. But cherish what they all taught me, what you are teaching me again, keep your chin up and make the most of everyday. Keep up the Mohawks!!!! Will wait to see what you come up with next. If you have to go to Hematology/Onocology, 2nd floor Med Plaza, Gary is the check out guy, he would love your fighting spirit and all the styles of Mohawks. You can tell him I’ll see him soon, the Hepa Law for Privacy he would hesistate but I’ll give you my password, he’s seen me through 12 hour infusions and countless labs, so if you see Gary, tell him Jessi said hey.
    Anyhow, love you,

  3. Robin

    You go Loren!! I will have to make sure you never meet my sister though. She feels Yul Brynner and Kojak are the sexiest men around and I would hate for her to try and steal you from Alex lol

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