Godzilla (Gojira)!!!

Before starting the radiation, the doc was telling us about all the side effects and what not. He left the room and then popped his head back in and asked if we were trying to have kids. It was apparent that most of his patients were at the age where kids were no longer discussed. He said that one should avoid trying to have kids while going through treatment because they can be deformed. We told him we were not planning on having children, even before all this cancer stuff hit the fan. I then told Alex we were going to avoid having Godzilla babies.

On the first day of radiation, when they had me strapped in and I closed my eyes, I could hear the machine gear up getting reading to shoot its beam, and when the beam started shooting I pictured a small Godzilla in the machine doing his signature radioactive attack. It was a silly thought, but I felt more comfortable in the machine thinking that Godzilla was in there trying to harness his radioactive power to try and kill the cancer cells I have.

After that day of treatment I did an instant order of five Godzilla shirts in the waiting room, and have since ordered a few more. Each day I go in for treatment I wear a Godzilla shirt. Choosing a mascot or spirit animal for myself seemed silly and fun, and its been making things a little easier and fun for myself. Alex knowing that I’ve been feeling the need for support from family, she arranged for a viewing of the latest Godzilla film which is happening this weekend. I felt like I needed some family rallying, and am glad that most of my family will be there for me watching a silly movie for support.


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