Chemo/Radiation Side Effects

Side Effects

  1. Desert Mouth – The most insulting effect has been my mouth. It has become a dry cracked wasteland. My tongue is cracking, and my taste buds are becoming neutralized. I can barely taste salt and sugar at this point. I cooked some sketti for Alex and Sandra the other night and it tasted like I had under-seasoned the whole dish…what kind of cook had I have potentially become? My guess now is that dish was as salty as hell and they were telling me it was fine to make me feel alright. Sorry guys!
  2. I’m Sorry I Got Fat – Depending on the doc I talk to I’m told to either stop or not to stop taking steroids while going through treatment. Due to the steroids I’ve not lost any weight during treatment. I have gained weight…a lot of weight…about 30 lbs so far. Some docs tell me this is a good thing, but my pants and shirts are telling me a different story. At this point we’re going to try and just take the steroid every other day and walk the line between the docs to see if that’ll make them all happy.
  3. I think I might just rest my eyes – Fatigue is the other biggie. I’m just tired. I always feel like closing my eyes, and don’t have a lot of energy to be an active social person. I want to be around people, just with my eyes closed and a smile from the rest I’m getting.
  4. Tough shit – The combo of all these pills makes specialized rocks out of your food input, making the saddest geologist a happy one.
  5. Hair Loss – So I thought with the angles they were shooting this radiation through me I could sport my mohawk as a middle finger to the brain cancer. My mohawk hair just started falling out, so I might need a fake one soon. I’m not giving up this signal to that bastard.


  1. Jessi

    1. Sorry your having to deal with “desert mouth”, my meds make my mouth so dry as well, I smiled the other day and it began to bleed. I think dehydration doesn’t help. I’m always a bit embarassed because one of my nausea meds and chest pain meds are under the tongue. Directions say ” Place on tongue, let disolve, and swallow with saliva”, well if I had any saliva I probably wouldn’t need these drugs!!!! It warns it may cause headache if you use any water to other fluids to get it to disolve because your so dry, which I had figured out already as the headaches get bad especially if I have to take alot of it. The reason I get embarassed is it leaves me looking like I have rabies, my mouth is just too dry to disolve so rinsing w/ water is kinda the only option. It sure can make you miserable when your so dry. We are now known by Sonic, you can buy a bag of their crushed ice chips for 2.11 and it has been a staple for a while now. So we grab a bag and stick it in the freezer.
    2. I obviously don’t have to tell you about steroids, you know the drill. I have been as heavy as 249lbs, and then fell to 123lbs, it is a bounching game. With me it is the only treatment for my disease so I will be on it for the rest of my life. Steroids can make you miserable, I look at pictures taken before, and wonder where that girl went. I am trying to find the dose my body will run on, one low enough to not land me in the hospital, but one not high enough to make me gain more weight. So frustrating when you are not eating enough to gain anything, yet you do. I am like “if I’m going to get fat at least let me enjoy doing it, and this is not enjoyable!” I always joke to your Mom, as she got me several outfits, to always buy bigger, as I will go “bada, bada boom!” and like you said comfort is key. Whatever doesn’t hurt your skin!
    3. Well FINALLY!!!! Someone who get’s it!!!! My Gran got it, she would often be awake, but tired, and say “Just resting my eyes”. And so I practice this often, I am awake, but am just so tired I just need to rest my eyes, and Mom will say “Jessi are you talking while your going to sleep”. Nope “Just resting my eyes”. I find it gives more energy for the things I want to do.
    4. I won’t go into detail, but believe me when I say I know what you mean. Ha, Ha, Hee, Hee, hmmmm, wonder about lama’s classes,
    5. I would shave my head if you wanted me too, in support, you mean so much to us, and I feel like there isn’t alot I can do to help.

    Just know no plate is ever too full, I believe there’s always room for “seconds”. Mom and I are here day or night for You and Alex if you ever need us, either of you. You have always been a big part of my life, nothing has changed, and Mom loves you both dearly.
    Love and Prayers,

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