About 1/2 through radiation + chemo

I’m about half way through the chemo and radiation fun. I’ve been handling it pretty well, and am pretty much just fatigued. I tried skipping my anti-nausea pills a couple days to see if I could stomach the chemo without them, but eventually I had to get back on them. Apparently the anti-nausea pills build up in your system so if you forgot a day or so you can still reap the benefits of them. The only problem with them is that they are affecting my GI, thus my desire to not take them.

Today I get to go in and get some blood work done to see how the chemo pills are affecting me. If the chemo pills screw with your system too much they force you to stop taking them to avoid system damage. I’m hoping that my cell counts are good and that I can get through the rest of them. For brain cancer they tend to give you chemo in pill form instead of intravenously. Unfortunately the chemo and radiation are pretty hard to take out all the unwanted cancer cells in the brain. This is why the cancer I have is considered terminal. I can go through treatments to try and help add on time, but the cancer is always expected to come back. When the cancer comes back if it’s doable they’ll go back into my skullz and extract the unwanted bastard. Eventually when it becomes undo-able, I’ll be checking into Hospice which I’ve always had much appreciation for.

I do have an alternative idea to get around this, I need my IT friends to quickly design a system where I can upload myself into the mainframe. I’ll settle for inhabiting any of your Minecraft lands and will take care of all your farming and building needs. ^_^

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