Hey I can wear comfort clothes again!

After getting home from surgery I was quickly running out of comfortable clothes to wear. My work wardrobe was all I pretty much had. But hey no more tucking in shirts and being business casual. I can now wear whatever the hell I want to, so I thought about the most comfortable stuff I’ve worn through my life and that was my old (and ugly) skating clothes from when I was a little skater/punk/goth noob in my younger years.

So I decided to see what the skater kids were wearing these days by going to some skating shops….anddddddd things are much different and I’m old. So what if these teenage punk kids listening to No Doubt (really, is it cool to listen to them now???), pointed out that we had put a few years on us. All I cared about was getting some comfortable threads, shoes, and a chain wallet (which is out of style now and couldn’t be found). There were no more baggy pants (which is good), just super tight pants (which is ball busting bad). There are less skate board logos and more abstract hipstery t-shirt designs. The Van shoes however were still the same good ol’ and comfortable things I remembered. So I got some skater shorts, shoes, t-shirts, old school velcro wallet (soon to be fashioned with a chain from Lowes). The accessory that brings me the most joy is my official Chevy seat belt clothes belt. Such a satisfying click. My leather yoyo holder looks at home on my new pants as well which I’m happy about.

Comfort is key, and I found it.

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