Mohawk time

So they have the radiation machine zapping me from 4 different angles. I was pretty sure I could at least keep a mohawk, so instead of waiting for my hair to just fall on out Alex and I got my new hairdo cut. The nurses seemed to like it. Apparently this kind of mohawk is most like Mister T’s, which I’m more than happy with. They said if the rest of the hair falls out I can’t blame the radiologists, but I can go bitch at the chemo.



  1. Melanie

    Seriously I cannot stop looking at this. Can you please make it blue? It is asking for a color. What about some gauged ears?! Actually… that would definitely trigger the needle phobia, right?

    Hugs to you and Alex!

  2. Mom

    Just want to say I am so impressed with your overall attitude towards having to go through all this medical treatment. Keep praying for you every day. Love, Mom

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